own production in Turkey

250 pcs in 2 weeks
1.000.000 pcs in 3 months

Belgian company transport & custom duties included

ArtiBags redefines packaging.

Paper Bag Manufacturers in Turkey as an alternative for the Far East

Luxury paper bags have found their way into various sectors in recent years. In addition, premium paper carrier bags have various uses, ranging from a real shopping bag to a goodie bag or fashion accessory.

Over the years, ArtiBags has built up a solid network of partners, enabling it to grow into a strong player in the packaging sector.

This makes luxurious handmade paper carrier bags the core product within ArtiBags. Thanks to our own production line in Turkey, expertise, experience and network, we can call ourselves experts within this market segment.

Paper bag manufacturers In Turkey are becoming a good alternative for production situated in China and India. Our production site in Istanbul can offer our clients mucht shorter delivery times and lower transport costs.

ArtiBags continuously invests in new technologies and training to stay up-to-date in this vibrant and fast-changing industry. Environmental standards are also constantly changing. In addition, local authorities are imposing new and stricter rules, both for individuals and companies. That’s why sustainability today is essential throughout the supply chain. We see this as a challenge that keeps us sharp.

Gone are the days when carrier bags were simple and sometimes even anonymous. Partly due to the strong growth of online shopping, companies have understood the customer’s need to send his or her order in unique and representative packaging.

Also, luxury tote bags are often used as a regular shopping bag or even as a fashion accessory that is part of the outfit.

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Own production facility for your customization

Our own production facility in Turkey allows us to work very flexibly in terms of the handmade paper carrier bags, our main product. This gives us a good overview of the entire production process, enabling us to quickly switch to a new edition. This allows us to guarantee a very fast delivery time within Europe.
What we are good at

ArtiBags excels in luxurious handmade paper bags and shipping packaging. Fast delivery times within Europe is one of our strengths. 

We have been serving customers worldwide for years and have seen the market grow enormously. Paper bag producers in Turkey provide many countries of their paper bags.

The many years of experience of our production site and the continuous investments, combined with a long-term vision, enable us to produce a top product to deliver.

Very fast deliveries are made possible thanks to our strong network and close collaborations with transport companies.

All our products comply with the applicable European norms and standards. In addition, we have all certificates regarding sustainability such as the well-known  FSC® certificate.

At ArtiBags we always strive for perfection and maximum customer satisfaction.


Fast and smooth handling of price requests for handmade paper bags

All price requests are completely free and without obligation. We always try to answer to price requests for our core products within 1 working day.
paper bag manufacturers in turkey
luxe papieren draagtassen
Istanbul, Europe's new manufacture

Turkey and especially Istanbul are becoming Europe’s new paper bag manufacturers.

High energy prices and long delivery times are pushing European companies more and more to Istanbul, Turkey. Most production facilities of the economic capital are even situated on the European side of Turkey and use road transport for goods towards European clients.

paper bag manufacturers in turkey